Helens Haven

Goodna Street Life was setup in 2015 by a group a dedicated locals hoping to make a difference in our community.  Driven by the hard work and dedication of Helen Youngberry, president of Goodna Street Life, the group sought to establish a local shelter for the homeless, and people forced onto the streets.  

Goodna Street Life Inc. (GSL) is not affiliated with any other organisation and is wholly run by volunteers, and seeks to provide temporary board and lodging for the homeless, crisis care for those in need and a drop-in respite centre for those living on the streets to access basic amenities and support to help people get back on their feet.

Throiugh the Goodna Street Life OP Shop, the group collects donations from the community, and are able to provide:

  • clothing and bedding
  • computer access to help people seek employment and update skills
  • deliver counselling where required through community partnerships.

Through the support of local cafes, restaurants, and food wholesalers, GSL is able to provide free meals and care packages, and are currently seeking to finance a mobile food service to feed the homeless and support families in need.

The finances required to pursue and maintain these facilities are raised by various means:

  1. An opportunity shop located on the site
  2. Public and Corporate donations
  3. Rental contributions from those using the accommodation for an extended period
  4. Grant fundings