Welcome to Haven Foodbank

Providing Support and Reducing Food Insecurity in Our Community

About Haven Foodbank

Haven Foodbank, operated by Goodna Street Life Inc., is committed to supporting families and individuals struggling to make ends meet by providing access to essential food items and affordable, nutritious meals.

Our offerings include:

Our Sources

We collaborate with various partners to ensure a steady supply of food items:


Haven Foodbank is open to everyone in the community, and no membership is required. We are dedicated to providing assistance to those in need.

For your convenience, we offer Centrepay options to make accessing food even easier.

Operating Hours

We are here to serve you throughout the week:

Material Aid and Amenities

At Haven Foodbank, we go beyond food assistance. We also provide material aid and essential amenities to support our community:

These items are made available through our Op Shop, ensuring that individuals and families have access to essential resources to enhance their well-being.

Supporting Our Community

Haven Foodbank also plays a vital role in supporting local schools and welfare services by providing food for school lunch programs and hampers for families in need. We believe in strengthening our community by addressing food insecurity.