Goodna Street Life Sleepout for the Homeless

Approx. 20,000 people in Queensland are experiencing homelessness1
No one deserves to live like this

Join us on May 25th, 6pm at Evan Marginson park for the Goodna Street Life Sleepout for the Homeless

Goodna Street Life are raising funds to help get people off the streets, and into homes, and we need your help.

Why are they homeless?2

Accommodation issues
housing crisis, inadequate or inappropriate dwellings
Financial Difficulties
housing stress, unemployment
Domestic violence and relationship issuestime out from family, family breakdown, violence and assault 24%
Transition/Discrimination transition from care/ custody, lack of support, discrimination 13%
mental health issues, substance abuse issues

What can we do?

Our plan is simple. We put people in homes.

Goodna Street Life are currently working towards constructing a local Tiny Homes project, to provide transitional, and crisis accommodation as a first step to secure and affordable housing.

The next step is sourcing affordable long term housing.

In Queensland there are roughly 29,000 people on a waiting list for community housing. To overcome this challenge community and government must come together to increase invest in public housing.

All funds raised will help us provide housing and accommodation, and connect people to the appropriate support services to help people achieve independence.

Together we can defeat homelessness and ensure everyone has a safe place to call home.

1 Australian Bureau or Statistics
2 Homelessness Australia