The Goodna Street Life 2021 Walk-a-thon

Luke Hinschen

Goal $ 25,000.00
Raised so far $ 260.00
Sponsor Luke Hinschen



Sparked with his decades long career in disability services, Luke Hinschen has dedicated his life to helping others.

Luke has spent the last 30 years helping others where he can. He began his career as a disability support worker, providing residential care, then partnering with the The Koha Shed Australia Luke used his voice to advocate for others.

His work has included feeding and providing assistance to the homeless, working with the victims of domestic violence, campaigning for better support services for the mentally ill and reducing stigma for the sufferers.

Luke has worked with government officials, charitable bodies and local businesses to address local issues.

Luke Hinschen is well known throughout Australia for his charitable nature, and dedication to bettering the lives of others.

Luke is determined to change how the community approaches mental health. Promoting exercise and community togetherness. Shows how we all can combat mental health. By coming together starting those important conversations around mental health.

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