Helens Haven

Crisis, Recovery & Transitional Housing

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For housing assistance visit our centre at 29 Queen St Goodna during business hours or call us on 0455 995 561

Homeless Hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1800 474 753


Goodna Street Life are an accredited residential service, and can provide specialized supported housing for the homeless and people in recovery, as well as assistance with the department of housing & private rentals.

Our homelessness and housing services are run by volunteers, and are funded through donations, op shop sales, and contributions from tenants.

Housing First

We believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure home. When we give people the opportunity and support to build themselves up, they have the best chance to overcome the challenges and obstacles they face.

Our goal is to build our own Helens Haven, a supported tiny homes community development which combines affordable living and the individual supports people need to gain housing independence.

We are currently seeking land to begin development on this project, please contact Helen or Steve if you would like to be involved.

External Housing Services

Queensland Government

See the Queensland Government Housing website for more information about housing services including Public Housing, Rent Connect, Emergency Accommodation and other services.

Ipswich Housing Services

There are a number of services both government and non-government funded housing and homelessness services operating in Ipswich. Visit the My Community Directory website for a full list of services.

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